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  Paintings By Goats

  abstract masterpieces by caprine artists    offered by westcoast craft cabin

The Weather Cats Daily Weather Forecast

How did the Weather Cats come to be ? We already had 2 cats , Simon , who is the world's best barn cat but can't do it all ; he loves people , but he isn't nice to other cats , and Missy , who hunts a lot up around the house , but spends a lot of her time hiding from Simon . But we had barns that needed to be hunted and not enough cats to handle it . Enter , the Weather cats . A lady we knew had some kitties who had been left behind when her neighbors moved . They were pretty much feral , but they were trained to come to food. We thought , she'd bring us maybe 2 ,but when she came much to our surprise she had brought 6 cats ! That was more than we bargained for , so we put an ad on facebook to see if someone else wanted to share the love . we found a home for one kitty before most of the others escaped in the shop ! so we now had 5 cats in the shop ! We named them all weather names . Sunny and Rain ,who are almost identical lighter colored siamese who are hard to tell apart one of them is darker than the other , Stormy , who is a dark tortise shell , and Cirrus and Nimbus both tabby cats named for types of clouds . So we were thinking , in light of some recent very inaccurate weather forecasts we have seen on TV , it might be just as accurate to guess randomly what the weather will be . But it would be more fun to guess based on which of the weather cats has been sighted hahaha ! So this is a joke , and it will be fun but we'll see how accurate it ends up being ! (ps the weather cats have been added to our love a goat a month club for those of you who are interested in helping )

Weather cats are currently on vacation not cooperating !! haha

Weather Cats forecast for

May 9-15 , 2021

Early in the week Rainy mornings and Sunny breaks later in the day, the week finishing up with Sunny weather all the way through

April 25- May 1 , 2021

Sunny with some cloudy mornings all week long !

April 11- 17 2021

Sunny on Sunday with a chance of early rain on Monday , then no sign of Stormy weather until later next week , clear skies and occasional Cirrus clouds to bring on more Sunny weather

March 23 , 2021

Rain with some splashes of Sunny weather

March 18, 2021

another sighting of Cirrus , we hope this means Sunny days in our future , but in the mean time , Rain and Stormy weather also coming in !

March 14, 2021

Sunny , but wait , a rare Nimbus sighted out front ! this could mean Rain is on the way !

March 10, 2021

we saw Stormy and Rain barreling away to go hide , and Cirrus has been spotted ! signaling good weather on the way !

March 9 , 2021


March 7 , 2021

Sunny Stormy and Rain

March 5, 2021

Stormy with a chance of ... KITTENS ??? well no , not really , because the vet said at least the two we could bring were fixed , and another other has a clipped ear marking he was feral and fixed .... but we could hear funny squeaky noises ... Sunny and Rain heard it too and they were outraged !! what did the kitten noise end up to be ?? squeaky goats waiting for their dinner ! that was a close one haha

March 4, 2021

just Rain , but i expect there will be some cloudy weather in there too

March 2 , 2021

Sunny with a chance of Rain and Stormy weather later in the day

March 1, 2021

Rain and Stormy , possibility of Sunny weather , but were not sure , it may have just been Rain passing by again haha

Feb 28 2021

Rain and Stormy with some Sunny breaks to keep us sane

Feb 27, 2021

Rain with breaks of Sunny weather

Feb 26 , 2021

Rain and Sunny , strange but true

Feb 25 , 2021


Feb 23, 2021

Rain and Stormy with Sunny breaks to keep us sane :)

Feb 22 , 2021

Rain and Stormy

Feb 20, 2021

Rain and Stormy

Feb 19 , 2021

Rain and Stormy again but always a chance of Sunny weather in there somewhere

Feb 18, 2021

Rain and Stormy , but we are hoping for some Sunny breaks

Feb 17 ,

Sunny with Rain and Stormy weather wed. night

Feb 16 , 2021

Stormy and Rain

Feb 15 , 2021

Rain and Stormy with breaks of Sunny weather

Feb 14 Sunny with Rain and Sunny weather later in the day

Feb 13, 2021

Rain and Stormy playing on the carpet looks like maybe a rough weather day , but the good news is , there may be a Sunny spot in there !

Feb 12, 2021

Rain and Stormy

Feb 11, 2021

Sunny with Rain in a tree , and a Stormy cold front moving in

Feb 10 , 2021

Sunny with a slight chance of Rain and Stormy weather later in the day

Feb 9, 2121


Feb 8, 2021

Sunny and Stormy going for 3 days running !

Feb 7, 2021

Sunny and Stormy

yep that's what happened

Feb 6 , 2021

Sunny and Stormy ? well why not ? it should be noted that it is particularly Stormy in the hay stack I just say what we see ,it doesnt have to make sense !

Feb 5 , 2021

Sunny all day long ? I don't think so haha

Feb 4, 2021

Sunny with a chance of Rain and Stormy weather later in the day

Feb 3 , 2021

Stormy and Rain

Feb 2 , 2021

Stormy and Rain with an unlikely chance of Sunny spots

Feb 1 , 2021

no cats = no forecast but we can guess

Jan 31, 2021

Rain with chance of Stormy weather

Jan 30 ,2021

Rain and Stormy

Jan 29, 2021

Sunny with patches of Stormy :)

Jan 28, 2021

Sunny earlier in the day , then overtaken by Rain and Stormy weather

Jan 27 , 2021

Stormy and Rain again !

Jan 26 , 2021

Stormy and Rain again !

Jan 25 , 2021

Rain Stormy and Sunny all got scared when they saw one of us sitting on a bale of hay , so now the weather will be a toss up

yep ! scattered showers haha

Jan 24, 2021

Rain and Stormy with Sunny breaks

Jan 23 , 2021

Rain and Stormy were caught eating doughnuts in the morning , and Stormy overtook Sunny late in the day

Jan 22 , 2021

Sunny or Rain , one of the two

Jan 21 , 2021

Rain and Stormy today , and a dark cloud appeared (which was Simon) he was trying to keep down Sunny by trapping him under the porch , well that doesn't bode well , if Sunny can't get out we wont have good weather !

Jan 20, 2021

choose your own weather day , we saw no cats so we have no idea ! haha , isnt this fun ?

Jan 19 , 2021

Sunny in the bushes , Rain inside the shop haha

Jan 18 , 2021

couldn't get on our website !

Jan 17 , 2021

Sunny or Rain ? your guess is as good as mine I still can't tell them apart sometimes haha !

Jan 16, 2021

Rain with Sunny spots

well really it ended up sunny with rainy spots haha

Jan 15 , 2021

Stormy and Rain with Sunny spots

Jan 14 , 2021

Nimbus has finally been spotted ! warning of Rain , Stormy weather

Jan 13 ,2021

Rain , Stormy , and Sunny ?? wow i hope so on the Sunny !

Sunny was the only right one !

Jan 12, 2021

ditto again ! we need a break !

good job cats , right again !

Jan 11 , 2021

ditto !

hey it was right this time , it was nasty out there!

Jan 10, 2021

Rain and Stormy in the afternoon and evening , Sunny still on vacation

not really but oh well , the cats can't always be right !

Jan 9 , 2021

Stormy with a very good chance of Simon , he has been a brat lately !

Jan. 8, 2021

Sunny and Rain in the wood pile but no where else .... what kind of a forecast is that ?

Jan 7, 2021

well the cats did not get the memo that vacation is over and its back to work , still eating a lot of cat food , just not giving us a weather forecast !

Jan 6 , 2021

Well we couldn't tell if it was Sunny or Rain , but i think we might be able to guess based on the deluge we've been having the past couple days !

ok we were wrong , the weather was actually pretty nice , so it must have been Sunny afterall !

well the website has been having technical difficulties a couple days now , so just the right time for the cats to go on vacation ! we have not seen much of them , so they seem to know that they had some time off haha

Jan 2 , 2021

Rain again ! come on cats ! give us some Sunny forecasts !

Jan 1, 2021

Only Rain today ....or was that yesterday ? I can't remember haha ... oh well , let the forecast stand !

yep that was it all right !

Dec 31 , 2020

only Rain all the time today , this time of year we wish we would see Sunny more often !

we did actually have some clear spots , but still a lot of rain

Dec 30 , 2020

the cats were all hiding , signifying their fear of bad weather to come ?

definitely was yucky weather , i wanted to hide too !

Dec 29, 2020

Rain earlier in the day with Sunny spots in the afternoon , Sunny was spotted near the bathroom , peeking down from the attic to tell me this is his spot not mine haha

Well we did have rain , and some clear spots

Dec 28 , 2020

a Sunny day , but cold , and chances of Rain

mostly right !

Dec 27 , 2020

Sunny in the morning , Rain and Stormy later in the day

this was somewhat correct , we had both sun and rain today

Dec 26,2020

no weather at all again apparently , that's unlikely at best haha

actual weather was some sun with off and on rain

Dec 25 , 2020

well it's going to be a strange Christmas if the cats are right , Rain in the morning and Sunny in the evening ??? that cant be right haha

no sun in the evening , so the cats were half right , there was rain haha

Dec 24, 2020

Sunny Rain and Stormy all at one time !! wow !

not quite , it was sunny and cold again

Dec 23,2020

Rain and Stormy , but not convinced the cats are right this time !

the cats were wrong , it was sunny and cold

Dec 22, 2020 ,

internet was not working so no forecast

Dec 21, 2020

Rain and Stormy today with some gusts of Missy , she has ben venturing out again !

yep that was what happened !

Dec 20, 2020

only Rain today , and that's straight from the Kitty's mouth !

well we did have a couple of sunny spots the cats did not mention

Dec 19, 2020

Rain and Stormy today and Missy won't come out for any reason pretty sure , and Simon is coming out only in short bursts then back to the barn , I don't blame him !

wow were the cats right on this one , nothing but yucky weather all day !

Dec 18 , 2020

Well we did not see any of the weather cats today , so i guess that means no weather ?? haha Simon has been hold up in the house , so we don't even have him to hep us with the forecast !

it mostly was Rain , which Rain the cat failed to tell us , and it was Windy , but we don't have a cat named Windy ... yet !! haha stay tuned

Dec 17 , 2020

only Rain all day long !! welcome to winter in the pacific northwest

well we did have Rain today as forecast , but we also had some sunny spots that the cats failed to mention :)

Dec 16 , 2020

still Stormy and Rain !! where are all of the other cats ??

this was pretty much spot on !

Dec 15 , 2020

Only Rain and Stormy seen late in the day , so that's the forecast , these cats are getting lazy !

this was fairly correct , but we did have some sun breaks this afternoon that Sunny did not tell us about

Dec 14 , 2020

only Rain was seen all dy again ! we cant take anymore rainy weather i know that !

ok well this wasnt exactly what happened , but whatever ! haha

Dec 13 , 2020

Well Rain was seen one time , otherwise the cats were laying low today , so that either means Rain all day , or a little bit of Rain and no weather at all the rest of the day ??? well 60 more lbs of cat food was delivered by fedex today , so maybe this will be an encouragement for the cats !

this was partly right , rain most of the day

Dec 12 , 2020

Well even after the deplorable forecast of yesterday , we are giving the Weather Cats another chance to stop watchin the news and do their job

Rain and Stormy most of the day , with a possibility of some Sunny spots in the afternoon , Simon has been in the house all day lazing around , so no indications from him , it looks like nobody is doing their job today !

well this was pretty much wrong again , it was sunny and old most of the day !

Dec 11 , 2020

Rain and Stormy again , and this time it looks like all day folks , no breaks in sight !

well this was a terrible forecast , totally wrong , what have those cats been doing watching the TV weatherman ?

Dec 10 , 2020

Rain and Stormy in the morning again , an unidentified rumble with Simon (under the porch) in the afternoon ,and a surprise Sunny spot late in the day

this was pretty darn close , it was rainy out most of the day , and we did see one quick peek at the sun for just a minute late in the day ,we really need to hire the cats out to the national weather service , because they didn't even go to weather man school , and they are really good at this.

Dec 9 , 2020

Rain and Stormy in the morning , the two of them are best buds , they are seen together a lot , i hope this is wrong because my coat is already wet from today ! haha , however , this is going so well so far that we might branch out into a 7day forecast , hey , if they can do it on TV , we can do it too . So far we might actually be more accurate than the real weather forecast !

Dec 8 2020

First thing it might be Missy out on the front lawn , then Sunny or Rain in the morning we couldn't tell which one , heads up for possible Stormy weather later in the evening , Cirrus had recently been spotted at the motel across the street but is back now so we are hoping that signals Sunny weather for tomorrow

well it apparently was Rain we saw ,definitely not Sunny , because the rain wiped us out today !

Dec 7 2020

Nimbus has been spotted today , so some Sunny weather with patches of Rain , Stormy later in the day with a chance of Simon ??? hahaha

well we didn't do too bad for our first try ! this morning was cloudy , then we had some sun and some threats of rain later in the day HA !

had to come back to say it got stormy last night , see , every bit as good as the weatherman !