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  Paintings By Goats

  abstract masterpieces by caprine artists    offered by westcoast craft cabin

Goat Stories

Goat Stories

The Lord has repeatedly talked to me about not

disturbing the goats while I am cleaning the goat

yard during their afternoon nap time . He has

repeatedly related this to the goats of this world

and why he sometimes does not allow them to be

roused out of their sleep and awake to the truth .

So today , as I was cleaning the goat pen I was thinking

about this long run on example that the Lord has been

talking to me about ... The goats were laying all over the

place which was not very convenient for cleaning ,

and the Lord gently reminded me not to disturb them .

I realized suddenly that disturbing them with my rake

is far different than asking them if they want to go graze

while I am cleaning . And the Lord said to me , let them

go out and graze then . I asked him , Lord , how is this

any different ? When do I decide to disturb the goats

of this world from their sleep ? He asked . I disturb them

when they are ready to enjoy the good things that

I have to offer them ; daily guidance , the comfort and

confidence of knowing me as their savior and shepherd ,

eternal life ... all of my many gifts . If they are satisfied

with all of the bad things life has to offer , then why

disturb them ? Why not let them go on sleeping if

they don't want the good things , if they won't accept

them when they are offered ? A sad thought , but I think

I see where the Lord is coming from , so many people

waste opportunities for his offered gifts , at some point he

just stops offering until or if he knows they will accept ,

and sometimes that day never comes . Thank you Lord

for waking me up , I was happy to be disturbed in order

to receive the good things !

Goat Stories

I had just put the goats out to graze , I let Maya back in and she went

right to her Mother to nurse when she hadn't been milked yet .

So I took Maya and put her into her night pen , separate from her Mom

to save our milk. Maya started freaking out panicking and pacing etc.

The Lord said , don't you do that , don't you be like that , and I at once

knew what he meant , because in recent times we had been dependent

on Dad's help financially .Now Dad had lost his work , and the potential

financial help for us . Having been under his help , we could easily have

freaked out when it was retracted . We didn't need to panic, because the Lord

was our source , even when He was using Dad to help us , and he would continue

to take care of us .

Goat Stories

I was cleaning in the goat kid's barn , and had closed them out in

the goat yard . Ordinarily I would have fed them , let them in , then cleaned the yard

but the Lord said , don't feed them yet , and don't open the door to the barn.

but clean with them in the yard , at once , I saw a difference in their behavior,

Instead of ignoring me , they were following me , touching me , and acting friendly

The Lord said , in the abscense of food , they pay attention to you. , just as we , in

the abscense of provision , turn our eyes on Him and pay attention to Him .

Having finished the yard , I let them in the barn , and the Lord said , now feed

them so they can see you feed them , this bonds them to you . In the same way

when we can see God feeding us , it bonds us to him . So I threw in their

alfalfa hay , but because one of my dogs ran in , they didn't see the good food I

had put in , they were distracted and spooked looking at the "danger" that was there

And the I went in and fed them their grass hay , ( ie , the lower quailty feed )

They ran over and were excited to see the provision , and the food , even though

it was lesser quality .

Goat Stories

We had been in a financial trial , and had wondered if we needed to get rid

of the goats . The Lord said , if this trial was about getting rid of the goats ,

don't you think I would have sold the goats that you already had for sale ?

Why do you keep asking me if you should get rid of them when I've already told

you ? Because , i answered , we keep having to struggle , and we want to make

sure you're still with us. He said , do you know why Peter sank ? , because he doubted

because he held back just a little . Don't hold back , trust me , believe me when I tell you

something . It's not about getting rid of your goats , it's about being patient.

Goat Stories

I didn't give the goats their normal hay before their grain , I just went straight in ,

and opened the door . Lucy , who does not acknowledge me as her shepherd ,

and actually dislikes me , put her nose into my hand as if to say , don't you

have something for me ? Then she walked out the door , flouncing and acting

arrogant and haughty again , as if she didn't need me, and never looked back

again at me even once. In the same way , non believers who hate God ,

ask him for a hand out , or a favor , and then having asked , go on acting

prideful and arrogant .

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

proverbs 16 :18

Goat stories

I was washing the boy goat's water bucket , and the Lord said

did you ever think it was strange that you clean and give the goats

something to drink from the same source ? and he went on

to explain when you are in the word , you both clean and drink at

once . But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst;

but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

JOHN 4:10

Goat Stories

There are few things more heart wrenching for

a shepherd of goats and sheep than to hear the cries

of mamas and babies during weaning , I was out cleaning

pens , and I could hear a kid crying for his Mama from the

weaning pen , as a shepherd you have an overwhelming

Instinct when you hear that panicked cry to go and rescue them

but you cannot , because weaning must happen. I spoke to

The Lord about this , because it was stressing me out ,

times have been rough lately , and this crying was more

than I could bear on top of everything else.

“Don’t you think that as your shepherd your cries cause me

pain? But I must weigh what is best for you , and sometimes that

means withholding something from you that you feel you need.

Like a baby being weaned , you cry because you believe you need milk

But I am preparing you for more , I am preparing you to receive meat.”

ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the

oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.

For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.

But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who

by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.


Goat stories

When Cherokee’s twins got frightened , or realized they

Were alone in the room , they would go at once and find

A hiding place , behind a door , under the feeder ,

And I at once wondered if David called the Lord his hiding

Place for that cause ,

Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from

trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs

of deliverance. Selah. Psalm 32:7

Goat stories

Sienna , Amira’s girl , wanted to nurse , and her

Mother didn’t want her to , in order for them to

nurse , at this two month age , the mother puts her head

Down a little , and looks at them, and that is the signal that

They can nurse , the little doeling just kept looking

Up into her mom’s face , straining up to touch her ,

Trying to make her look at her , and Amira just

Kept looking away and resisting . And it reminded me

Of when God hides his face from us , and how troubled we are

And that then we are to seek his face

Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled:Psalm 104:29

When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto

thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek.psalm 27:8

Goat stories

I left a goat in the stanschion while

I went to do something else , I looked back at

Her waiting to get let out , and the Lord said ,

I only leave the goats in an uncomfortable position

As long as necessary too (as well as the sheep)

ie alive in this world even

Goat stories

Our goat Brat was coming into the

pen from being out grazing, I

was holding him by the collar to

lead him in, and he was pulling

and pulling against me, trying

to go his own way, and he finally

broke free and almost ran his head

into the barn. I often think it that in

trying to go our own way rather

than the way the Lord is trying to

lead us, stubbornly clinging to self

will, to self-sufficiency we

more times than not only end up banging our heads against the wall.

Goat stories

In the goat barn during milking

we have an in door and an out door

so that there is no confusion of where

we expect the goat who is next to be

milked to be waiting when her name

is called for her turn.The goats kept

coming to the wrong gate and expecting

to be let in, I kept telling them,

”I won’t let you in unless you come through the

right gate.” Likewise there is a right gate

that leads to salvation, a right gate that leads

to heaven, and we cannot get in through

the wrong gate ,but we have to come

through the right gate, the one that Christ said was

right, through him. Enter ye in at the strait gate:

for wide is the gate, and broad is the way,

that leadeth to destruction, and

many there be that go in thereat:Because strait is

the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto

life, and few there be that find it.

matthew 7:13-14

I am the door:by me if any man enter in,

he shall be saved

john 10:9

Goat Stories

We were out of grain at the

Kid barn, so I fed the little boys

their alfalfa hay early in place

of it. Later when it was actually

time to feed alfalfa,I was going to

withhold from them because

they had already had some early.

A goat is very routine oriented,

and when I failed to give it to them

when I ordinarily would have, they

were upset and started running in

and out of their house, looking at me

puzzled. The Lord said “Give them their

alfalfa.” After I did, He said “If you ask

me for something and I give it to you

right away, you are less likely to remember

it than if you ask and I wait to give it

to you. Sometimes it is in the waiting

that we see God move more clearly,

and in the building anticipation of

His answer, that we have the

opportunity to exercise faith.

Knowing that tribulation worketh

patience; and patience, experience;

and experience, hope:

And hope maketh not ashamed

Romans 5:3-5

Goat stories

We lock up the goats kids in the

Early evening as they get older so that

They can move toward being weaned,

And we always give them something

Good to eat in the kid pen, so they will

Think it is a good thing to go in when we

Put them away.

One day Ellie was crying to get put away

In the kid pen so that she could have

that little bit of grain we offer as incentive

to be willing to go through the gate. Ellie

couldn’t see ahead, and did not have

the foresight to know what would happen,

that she would be closed in, away

from her mom until the next morning

after milking.

Ellie only knew what she

thought she wanted, she didn’t have

the understanding to see that she was free, then

she, at her own insistence was put away,

and no longer free. In the same wise, we

often ask the Lord, even beg Him for

things we think we want, but we have no

understanding of what it will mean

if we get what we ask for, often times

our desires for ourselves

and our futures are not the thing that is best

for us, and the Lord being all knowing,

doesn’t always give us as we’ve asked

Him for but sooner what Is best.


One day while milking the goats,

I called Josee for her turn to be

Milked, she didn’t come, I called

her again, she still refused to come.

So I called Kai as the next goat in

Line to be milked. After Kai was done,

I called Josee again, and this time

She came. The Lord calls us and calls

Us to come to Him, “I will be as a moth”

Hosea 5:12-15

What does a moth do? It bothers us,

Fluttering through the room,

just bothering,

Then when we still don’t respond, “I will be

as a Young lion, I even I will tear and go

away.” Have you ever seen a young cat

with something it has caught? The cat

grabs it then retreats to see what will it do.

This is when the Lord allows hardship to come

Into our lives, in order for us to see our need for

Him and that we can’t do it alone,

still calling to us through our hardship.

If we still don’t answer His call then He just

Goes away…we don’t hear His calling anymore…

we have until it is time to leave the barn to answer His

call, until our death, or until the rapture of the Church,

neither of which do we ever know the hour of.

Come let us return unto the Lord: for He hath torn,

And He will heal us; He hath smitten, and He will

Bind us up. Hosea 6:1

Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is

The day of salvation 2 Corinthians 6:2

Goat Stories

When a kid was needing to put

On weight I put him alone in the

Yard with grain, every day he fought

To stay with the other kids who

Were eating hay, trying to stay with the

Provision he can see, sooner than realizing

I’m taking him to something better.

As people, we are much like this,

We often seek to hold onto the provision

We see, not realizing, the Lord has a

provision far better, which we can’t see.

By faith Abraham, when he was called to

Go out into a place which he should

After receive for an inheritance, obeyed;

And he went out, not knowing whither he

Went…..But now they desire a better country

That is, an heavenly: wherefore God is

not ashamed to be called their God:

for He hath prepared for them a city.

Hebrews 11:8 and 16

Goat stories

I was complaining of the cost of the

new goat grain we had transferred the

goats to because while it was much better

quality than the other feed we had been on,

it was also twice the price. The Lord told

me” Be open handed, even with the goats”

and I answered “But what about economy?”

and the Lord answered, “There is a difference

between economy and cheapness.” Give, and it

shall be given unto you; good measure,

pressed down, and shaken together, and

running over, shall men give into your bosom.

For with the same measure that ye mete

withal it shall be measured to you again.

Luke 6:38

And all these blessings shall come on thee

and overtake thee, if Thou shalt hearken unto

the voice of the Lord Thy God.

Deuteronomy 28:2

Goat Stories

I had let one of the goats out to come and be

Milked , and she was going mad waiting for me

To put the grain in the bin , pretty much having a hissy

Fit , “can’t you just be patient ?”I asked her , then came

The Lord’s resounding voice , “Are you patient for your

Reward ?” he asked me , “No Lord” I admitted “Your

Reward will come , but you must be patient until it does”

I am a rewarded of those who diligently seek me Heb. 11:6

And I know the Lord is right , one day the reward will come

After much toil and many trials on this earth , but how I long

To hear Him say those words , “well done good and faithful

Servant” Matt.25:23

Goat Stories

I was cleaning the boy’s goat barn , and I was talking to the

Lord complaining, couldn’t he just fix this messy world now

Rather than later ? Can’t you make things better for us now

Rather than later ? While I was distracted talking to him ,

I accidentally put hay in the boys’ second hay bin before I

Had cleaned that side of their house , they rushed in then

To eat the hay , and the Lord said to me, “Do you see what

Happens if I give you your reward now instead of at the

Right time ? Your reward can get in the way of me cleaning

The mess if it is given at the wrong time .”

And behold , I come quickly and my reward is with me , to

Give every man according as his works shall be Rev. 22:12

Behold I come quickly ;hold fast that which thou hast ,

That no man take they crown . Rev. 3:11

Goat Stories

I was cleaning in the goat pen , we were experimenting with the deep bedding system

and the Lord said, put that bucket full over the top over there on top of that pit

on top of the good hay you put in there . and I said no Lord , it's dirty stuff The Lord said

do you want to preserve what you've built up there ? or do you want the goats to eat it ?

So I took the bucket , and spread it out over the other hay in the pit . The Lord said to me

I build on a firm foundation , out of even the filthy parts of your life because it is out

of that filth that you learn to trust me and stand on the solid ground I provide .

Goat Stories

I observed that as we had dug down deep in the dirt floor of the goat pen

it actually made deep pits in the sand trying to keep the goats out of

their own filth . By raking fastidiously day after day ,we were having to do

a deep bedding system in those holes we'd dug , in order to fill them in

and stop eroding . It was the hardest thing I had ever done to leave them

in their own filth as it were , and that , for their own good , to fix what

had gone wrong. It occurred to me how much more difficult for the Lord

to leave us in our own filth , and how he must want to clean us up if only

we would allow .

Goat Stories

I was dreaming last night , and figured out the real reason Lucy is so

opposed to me . At night time milking , I was letting Kaya go first

and Lucy was supposed to be going first , but my sister had not brought

the milk bucket yet . And this was not expected by Lucy , and when the

expected thing doesn't happen , then the goats 100% of the time will spook

It's the same when you skip the order of rank , if you don't have grain,

when you don't give you their treat coming off of the stanschion ,

All of these things frighten them . In the same way , we as humans

grow frightened , panicked , and spook when the thing we think should

happen , expect to happen , doesn't , and we too run away from God

just as Lucy runs from me , because when the expected doesn't happen ,

we then don't know what to expect .

Goat Stories

I was giving a goat (Cheyenne) a treat , and I watched her very

closely , and noted that as she waited for me to give her the treat ,

she never looked at my hand , or even at the treat , but she gazed

continuously into my face.

Seek the Lord and His strength , seek His face continually 1 Chronicles 16:11 

Goat stories

A young goat was running around the goat yard crying to the Lord

for leaves as we have often seen the goats do .And while they are doing this

they don't look at us even if we talk to them , they keep looking heavenward .

So the little goat kept crying and crying and looking up expectantly.

Now normally the Lord rains the leaves down right away ,

but this time she just kept crying and nothing was happening.

And the Lord said " Sometimes when nothing seems to be happening , just be patient

and keep waiting expectantly ( because that was what the goat was doing, looking

expectantly , despite the fact that she didn't see anything happening )

"And I'll rain down a bounty on you " The Lord finished . And all of the sudden

all of these leaves came showering down on the ground , all just for the one

little goat , because she was the only one out there . So then she ran around

picking up all the leaves , she left one leaf behind , and another smaller baby

goat ran out in the yard and cried and cried and cried . And the Lord gave her nothing .

And finally she sees the one leaf the first goat missed , and she ran and ate it , and

then went in the barn . "And sometimes when you're crying for something ,

I've already provided it for you . " the Lord finished .

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good !

Psalm 34:8

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much .

James 5:1

He giveth to the beast his food, and to the young ravens which cry.

Psalm 147:9

The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God.

Psalm 104:21

Goat Stories

I fed the goats at evening feeding , and one of the friendly baby goats ,

(Blackberry) was following me as I fed , and the Lord said , look at her

I looked down at her , the Lord said , she's already been fed

it's not the food she wants from you but a relationship with you

and sure enough , her mouth was full of hay , and she was still running

after me jumping on me , asking to be picked up , and I realized we need

to not concentrate so much on what God is doing for us , and giving to us

but on our relationship with Him . because despite the fact Blackberry

had provision , she was still chasing after me .

Sheep and Goat Stories

We try to keep our sheep and goats separate by using bio security methods

between the pens , but the baby sheep kept going up to the goats and touching

heads through the fence , and the goats escaped and ended up in the sheep's

graze area , they kept getting in together and contaminating the sheep.

I said Lord ! , and he said , that's why I wait until the end to separate the sheep

and the goats , because they're just going to get in together , and even minute

contact can contaminate you , the Lord said , I try to keep you from being

contaminated by the world , but you still do get contaminated , and that is

why I need you in my Word to be cleansed . 

Sheep and Goat Stories

The Lord had told me to hand feed the baby goats their grain ,

normally I'd give them a little , then put down the pan so they could eat the rest.

So I hand fed them , and the Lord said , you see how after a minute , they are no longer

looking for where their provision is looking for (ie the pan ) but only at your hand ?

And I noted , that my sister and I had been looking everywhere for the

source of our provision , at egg sales , for customers at the top of the hill ,

at ebay , at our parents , and not at the Lord's hand . Then the Lord said

Now look at that little goat , and I looked at Sugar , who was ignoring my hand ;

looking in the sky , and on the ground , and everywhere but at my hand .

The Lord said , do you see how in trying to look for where it's coming from

to find it herself , she ends up getting nothing ? Or getting what isn't the best.

because she was eating the crumbs that fell on the ground . We too must , instead

of seeking our own way , seek and find God's way , and look to his hand , for

what he will give us , for what he wants us to have .

Sheep & Goat Stories

We had been having a rough time financially , wondering why it all has to

be so hard , and having a general fit of depression about all of our troubles

So today it was raining hard , windy etc. and I started out in Brat and the

Ram's pen . Before I got in there the Lord said , don't spray anything out

today with the hose . So I started raking in there , and the water had

combined with the manure to create a sort of sewage swill.

I said , I'm sorry Lord , I have to spray this out , I can't leave this like this

I can't leave them in this filth . And the Lord said , it's for your convenience.

and I said well if that's the case then I really have to clean it , The Lord said ,

exactly , I can't leave you in your filth either. In Job , it says , When I have been tried

I will come forth as pure as silver , so the reason then for the trial is to purify us , and

while it inconvenient to be tried so , he also can't leave us in our filth.

Sheep & Goat Stories

The Lord told me to use the remaining money from the sale of a sheep

for goat grain , I had wanted it for improvements on the sheep barn

as I was taking the grain to the goat grain and complaining

He said , you should do that more happily . I said , yes , but it's hard.

The Lord said ,if you have it in your ability to do , you need to do it.

I said , but you have it in your ability to do things for us , but you don't

always do it. The Lord said , you teach the goats not to trust you

when you don't have their grain . And I said , exactly , don't

you teach us not to trust you ? The Lord said , no , I teach you

to trust me anyway .

 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and

my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Psalm 91 :2

Sheep and Goat Stories

I was worried about provision for the goats , and fretting about it

as I took out the excess vegetables too far gone to be used as snacks for the sheep

and as I was composting it in the woods , and the Lord said , go and look at

the biggest tree you have here ( which was a very large spruce we call Big Tree)

First I said , I don't want to walk all the way over there , and he said , go over to Big Tree,

so I went , and He said , look at that tree , that tree here was here since

Lewis and Clark were here ( spruce live 700-800 years ) and through the years

anything could have happened to that tree to take it out , when it was a sapling

the deer could have eaten it right down , and it's been through a lot of storms

but I provided for it , protected it , for all of these years , and in the same way ,

I can protect you , provide for you . 

Sheep and Goat Stories

I was feeding the sheep some second rate carrots , and the goats some good quality

peels off of the first rate carrots ,

and I thought , why don't i give the sheep the best of everything ?

and the Lord said , the goats are "too good " for such things ,

ie. goats are picky and ungrateful. as a sheep , you gratefully receive

even the most imperfect of things ,

nothing is to be refused if it be received with thanksgiving . 1 Tim 4:4

Sheep and Goat Stories

Realizing that God had asked us to do this raising of sheep and goats ,

In the mornings I began to grow anxious to do the work that was

given me to do in caring for them , and I found myself hurrying through

my bible study and prayers again , and immediately the Lord reminded me

again , don't get so caught up in the work itself that you leave Me behind

you can labor "for Christ" and end up leaving Christ behind and out of

it even in ministry . 

Farm Stories

Farm Stories

I looked down at my leather work glove , and I saw there was

another hole in it . The Lord said , do you see that ? What doesn't

bend will break , the glove had gotten dry and brittle from having

been used and worn so much in all kinds of weather . When the leather

gets like that , unwilling to bend , it breaks . We must be willing to

bend to the Lord's will , to be used for his work , or else he will

break us for his work , he has to for us to be of a use and value to him

A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench,

till he send forth judgment unto victory. Matthew 12:20

Farm Stories

The other day , I was thinking , as I

Have been thinking, the farm chores

Were taking me too long , and I was spending

Too much time on it . And the Lord said ,

Does it matter how much time it takes if I

Told you to do it ? Then I realized , that it doesn’t

Matter how long it takes ,( that we have to stay here

On earth doing the Lord’s work if he told us to

Do it ) occupy til I come ,

Farm Stories

During a time when people in this country were experiencing fear

and anxiety , and people in our own community were included in this

number , We put up a sign out in the front lawn that said Trust in God .

To remind people of their need for the Lord and the fact that he is

There for them , that they can trust him they don't need to be fearful.

When the fearful time began to wane , we decided to leave the sign up but we

Moved it back to hang it on the cross we have on the front lawn which we left up years

ago after we put it up for Easter . So it ended up hanging too low

On the cross because that's where the nail was . And this has led to it becoming

a maintenance job for me here on our little farm . I go and stomp down the grass

And weeds and try to lift it up higher from time to time , the sign says trust in God

So every time I am down there maintaining it , the Lord will say to me "Do you trust me ?

You need to trust me . " This has become our thing , he and I . So one day I went down

and I noticed the grass and weeds are right back up obscuring the sign again .

And I said to myself , why don't I just hang it around the neck of the cross ?

So after the adjustments , I looked at it happily m it was so much better .

Then the Lord said to me "That's what I want you to do , get your trust in me out

Of the weeds . You need to trust me. With our country in the brink if recession

Things are getting stressful . I need the Lord , and I need to trust him every day !

And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness; And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word's sake, immediately they are offended. And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word, And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful. Mark 4 :19

Sheep Stories

Sheep stories

I was asking the Lord why the sheep were

so dirty , because they were stomping around

in the mud , and making it a mud pit outside

while the goats don't do that , they stay in when

it's raining , and don't make mud . The Lord said

it's not that they're dirty , it's that they're willing

to go out in all conditions of weather , and to suffer

hardship in my work and to go out into the elements

to do it . It's endurance in adversity .( the Lord noted to

me that more Christians died in the black death

than anyone else , getting their hands dirty , trying to help)

And the Lord mentioned , that the sheep only go out in the

wet yard , and the mud gets made while they're waiting for

you , calling for you , haven't you made mud where you are

at too ? calling for me , waiting for me ?

( example the Lord gave me was the persecution we have

endured in our own lives because we are Christians )

Sheep Stories

I was thinking about predestination , and the Lord explained it to

me very simply like this ; using our sheep as an example ,

He told me , they were always sheep , but they weren't always

our sheep.

Sheep Stories

I had put out the ram to graze , and he couldn't see the ewes

from where he was ,so he was running along the fence and pacing

running over the nice grass i had put him on , and ruining it .

The Lord said do you see that ? Do you see how he is acting ?

How he panics , only seeing what is bad in the circumstance .

And he passes over what is of a benefit to him , what is sweet

and lovely here . Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true,

whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever

things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of

good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Phillipians 4:8

Sheep Stories

The Lord had told me not to take the sheep in from grazing

until I had finished cleaning the ram pen . A ewe that had been

wandering loose , had went to the barn to eat , and her sister ,

who was tied , started going insane crying and flying around on the

end of the lead because her sister was out of her sight.

I went almost all the way up to her , deciding to let her go back to the

barn too , when the Lord reminded me of what he had said ,

not to let them in yet . The Lord said then when I withdrew my hand

Why is she doing that ? I said , because her sister went in without her.

He said , why won't you let her go ? I answered , because you told

me not yet . And the Lord said , exactly , the Father has told me not yet also.

The timing of the rapture is in God the Father's hand , and he has to

leave us out grazing just a little while longer .

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels

which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Mark 13:32

Sheep Stories

We were almost out of grain , and the Lord told me to give grain to

the ram and his goat friend , I looked at the grain bin , and I said no , we don't even have

enough for the ewes , and He said, give it to them , they need it today .

and I said fine , and grudgingly took them some , I put it in the first dish , and they fought over

it and dumped it . and I hurried and put the rest in the other dish , and they dumped that too.

and I said , Lord ! they're wasting the provision you gave them , and he said ,

it wasn't about the provision , it was about something else . I immediately

thought about how people "waste" money and how I don't actually know that

it's a waste , and who am I to say how it ought to be spent ?

Cast thy bread upon the waters : for thou shalt find it after many days . Ecclesiastes 11:1

Sheep Stories

The Lord showed me that I don't always have to let the sheep bully me

into doing things for them , that I am their shepherd , and I need to do what's

best for them no matter what they want , because their desires change constantly

and like them , we can never be made content , so we must necessarily leave what's

best to God's knowledge .

Sheep Stories

I was trying to lead Israel around the sheep pen , he was on the outside , I was on the inside

and I didn't want to walk through the overgrown knotweed , it was high , thick and wet .

So I thought I would jsut lead him around the fence by his leash . He ignored me and wouldn't lead , as I was leading from high up , the leash was over the fence . And the Lord said , It is impossible to lead from above , thats why Jesus came , that's why he's coming again

You can drive a sheep from above , but sheep are led , not driven .

Sheep Stories

I was milking one of the sheep , and she was not cooperating , and I went to touch her ear

as discipline , and when she moved , the stanschion bar , which was not properly attached ,

swung far to the side and busted me in the lip , giving me a fat lip , and almost a broken tooth .

I milked the uncooperative ewe a little bit more , to show her she must be milked , and would not get away with misbehaviour . As I put the sheep out to graze , I struggled to see the lesson.

I was noting the fat lip was my war wound with the sheep , and the Lord interrupted my interpretation , and corrected , you are not at war with the sheep . I thought of the scripture

how there is no more enmity between God and us because of Christ when we are saved .

And I remembered how judgment , true judgment , and wrath is not for the sheep , ie Christians, but for those who are against God . I recalled in the wilderness , God recognized that the Israelites were just ignorant , and he repented to destroy them ,because sin was in their nature , and to go astray was their disease . With the sheep , it's even worse , she's just an animal , she doesn't understand , she just wants what she wants . I thought of how Paul says if Christ forgave us , how much more should we forgive each other , recognizing that unlike Christ , we are subject to the same stupid behaviors as one another , who are we to withhold forgiveness , when we are just as bad ? Who are we to be impatient and angry when we are just as bad ? When Christ who is perfect forgave us , and was able to forgive the Israelites , because they were only human . So God is infinitely patient with us , because we are nearly just as lacking in understanding as the sheep are , and He is no longer at war with us , once we are the sheep of his pasture and submit to his will. be ye reconciled to God so he isn't at war with you anymore .

Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace ,And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:

Ephesians 2:15-16

Sheep Stories

I was milking Annie , and she had run out of grain , but I had to finish

milking her anyway . This taught her that she has to obey ( stand still , not resist while being milked ) , even without a reward. In the same way , we have to learn to obey

even when we don't see a reward.


Sheep Stories

The sheep were crying to be fed early , and I fed them.

The goats were crying too , and I didn't feed them .

and the Lord asked why I heeded the sheep's cry

and not the goats . and I said , because they aren't my responsibility

they are my sister's . Exactly , he answered , when I went into the

house having left them unfed , the Lord told me that the goats

need to be left in an uncomfortable position until they will cry

out to the right person ie, they cry out to the rocks to fall on them ,

even to God , but until they cry out , not just in need , but also in repentance

they aren't my responsibility .

Sheep Stories

I tied one of the rams (Israel) out to graze beside them pen , and he cried and cried

even while eating mouthfuls of grass , he continued to cry , and he was making the

lambs cry because they heard him . And the Lord told me , you see , complaining

becomes habitual if you do it enough , and even when you have what you said you wanted

the complaining continues , but you can control it. Just as the Israelites could in the wilderness

as one complainer led to more . You have to change the habit . Being angry is also a habit

that's why the scripture tells you not to let the sun go down on your wrath , because it

becomes a habit that's hard to break , you need to form new habits

Sheep Stories

I was taking the ram lamb home from grazing , having already taken the ewes

and he was anxious to get there to see them and started running. For a moment

I was running with him , then something told me to let go of the leash

I thought it may be that I would get hurt , so I let go , and he ran way ahead of me

then suddenly stopped on a dime , wheeled around and looked up at me

in my face , as if to say , do you know where I'm supposed to go from here ?

and he waited then for me to get closer , then walked away in the direction

of his door , when I got there and he did , the door was closed . His leash

was still on , and he had to wait for me to come and prepare him to enter

in and then open the door anyway , so often we run ahead of the Lord

then having gotten out ahead , realize we don't know where we're going .

and then find doors that would have been opened in his timing ,

are closed . and that we weren't prepared to enter in even if they had been open

how much better than to run through life at a panicked speed , to a destination

we don't know , would it be to go on a leisurely walk with Him , getting

mouthfuls of fine green grass on the way to where he's leading us . and trusting

him that we will get there eventually , and everything will be fine when we do

being patient unto the reward ( , waiting for him to prepare us for the open

doors that lie ahead , but the one thing the ram lamb did do right , when he

reached the door and found it closed , he was content to stand and graze and

wait for me to prepare him and to open it , trusting it that I would.

Sheep Stories

One morning , I was happy to get to the work the Lord

had asked me to do , which was to care for his sheep

I was going to hurry through my morning prayers and

bible reading . The Lord warned me not to lose focus

on the point of the whole thing , which was to learn

about him , not to get caught up in the physical work of

it and miss the spiritual meaning .

He had told me two sheepisms already , and as I was

finishing cleaning in the sheep barn , he told me to go and

write down what he had told me , and I said , shouldn't I finish up

here first ? shouldn't I finish feeding the sheep first ?

and He said , don't lose focus on what matters , and on the point

of it , go and write it before you forget it , feeding can wait .

Sheep stories

After feeding the animals I walked by the pens,

No one even stirred , and the Lord said ,

See how they barely even notice you ?

Or pay any attention to you ? When they don’t

Want something ?? That’s like you .

And on my way back , I was noting how silent

Even Annie was (our loud mouth ewe) and the Lord

Said , see how they don’t even speak to you ?

When they don’t want something ? Just as we often

Don’t speak to Him when we don’t want something .

And then , beyond where the sheep could no longer see me ,

Annie baaa’d to me , speaking to me only as an afterthought

Just as we often do to the Lord

Sheep Stories

I was taking stock of my life , and I told the Lord

I want to do more for others , and he said ,

You’re not ready yet , but he put me to practice

One of our ewes had just lambed , this was the

Pregnant ewe the Lord had told me to feel the

Lamb kicking in her belly , he told me this is a black lamb for you to keep

There was a white lamb and a black lamb , and a smaller

Underformed lamb that did not live

I was getting ready to clean up our black lamb’s pooey bum ,

as first poos often get stuck. And I saw her twin Moriah , who

the Lord. had told me we were not to

Keep because he had other plans for her , also needed cleaning

and I was going to just leave it thinking the mama would take care

Of it , and the Lord said just because it isn’t yours to keep

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it

In the same way , doing for others without a benefit to oneself

So I cleaned Moriah up first , and later in the same day

I had to pick Brat the goat’s nose for him , in further practice

To do the unlovely .

Sheep stories

I took Jordan , (our promised black lamb) out,

With her grandma and her older sister Zion

To graze without a leash . I had to keep calling her

As we went , and looking back at her so she could

See my face in order for her to follow. When it

Was time to come back in from grazing , I realized

I couldn’t catch her so I started walking away quickly

Ie. bolting , and turning back to her and calling her .

She left her family and ran after me , and she would pause

And I would have to show. Her my face and look back at her

In order for her to continue to follow . Once she got too

far behind to recognize me (looking at the goats and the world )

And I had to return for her . As soon as she saw my face and heard my

Voice , she followed again . Like us with the Lord

Sheep Stories

This morning as I was thinking about the shepherds ,

and how they would lay down their lives for. The sheep ,

And why they would do that ( I suppose because they are their

Livelihood David spoke of fending off a lion and then a bear .)

The Lord asked me , would I die for the sheep and I thought about it

If something was attacking them , would I try to save them ?

I considered how my sister and I braved the rain and hail storm yesterday

To go fetch them back from grazing ,even though they didn’t see why

They had to come in , and complained about it , until they saw the

Bad weather would continue . And so I answered the Lord yes ,

I would die for the sheep , and the Lord asked ,why ?

I said , because they’re my sheep , and they’re your sheep Lord .

…Our sheep , because they’re my responsibility ,

Because you gave them to me , and I don’t want to lose

Even one. Then I understood , that is why He died for us

Because we were his. Sheep , God’s sheep , And God gave us

To him , and He didn’t want to lose even one.

Sheep Stories

I was complaining that we needed hay , and that I had cleaned out the barn in

preparation for it , but it had still not come. The Lord said, you need to clean the

barn out more , and I looked , and sure enough , the barn was really still a mess.

I raked up two garbage cans of old hay , and then I realized that wasn't the barn he

meant . My barn , my personal barn , needs to be clean , ie , those things in my life

that I know are wrong that need to go. And also , my barn needs to be empty ,

and devoid of any self effort , anything I think I bring to the table before God

can work.

Sheep Stories

I was cleaning in the sheep barn when the Lord suddenly

said, they're your sheep now I know you will do what's best

for them , and I being puzzled as to why he was giving them to me now

and also a little afraid of what it may mean , I asked , what does that mean ?

Not that you won't help us anymore with them , with advice and provision ?

The Lord answered ... No it has nothing to do with that , it just means , do

for them what you know they need ; Like putting in an extra feeder when you

know they need it . Do what is best for them , like I do what is best for you .

And I realized then , that all of this time we had been taking care of them

and they had been the Lord's sheep , we counted he had been boarding them here,

We had been hirelings , and now we were shepherds , prepared to do what was

best for them , just because it was best for them , to guide , to protect , to

provide , just as the Lord provides for us , protects us , guides us .

He had trusted us with a little , and now he was trusting us with an even

greater responsibility. I realized the reason he was physically giving them to us now

was because when something belongs to you , then you take a better care for it , than

if it belongs to someone else.

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep. I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.

John 10:11-15

Sheep Stories

I noticed after the Lord gave us the sheep , that the sheep stories that the

Lord was giving us , seemed to slow to a crawl . They became very casual ,

less elaborate , and then very nearly stopped . I observed it that it was as

it was with Christ and the parables he spoke to the people , he explained to

the disciples , that it was the only way they would understand , while he

could speak frankly and directly with the disciples himself. I realized we had

graduated in a way , to no longer needing to be shown everything all of the

time, or have everything illustrated to us all of the time , but could now

merely be told , as a level of maturity , not that God wasn't talking , just

not in that way .


Sheep Stories

I was noting that the sheep who Interacted with me

ie. Stayed close to me , were the ones who got

Special treatment , treats , pets , attention , etc.

And the Lord said , that’s the only way I

Can treat you to special things , if you are

Close with me , wanting to interact .

Sheep Stories

We kept running out of sheep grain , because

We were out of goat grain , and we kept feeding

The sheep grain to the goats . Then we ran out of

Alfalfa , and I said Lord , they are your sheep , why do

You let them suffer ? I understand letting the goats feel need

But why not provide for the sheep without Interruption ?

And he answered and said , what kind of. person do you

Think you’d be if I never let you go through anything ?

Not a very good one I answered , you’d never learn

Compassion , and if I provided without Interruption…

“ then I’d follow just for the provision, just as the people did

With Christ” I finished .

Sheep stories

I was putting the ram away , and he balked at the gate

then suddenly broke away and ran off, he went all around the

whole pen , happily kicking up his heels and all .

And then came into the pen to eat his alfalfa .

Having wanted to do it his way , he didn't realize it took

longer to get to the reward . Just as we , wanting to go

our own way , end up taking longer to get to our reward 

Sheep Stories

I was going out to grain the sheep , and I had to get their grain bucket

filled at the main barn first . I went in and got the sheep's empty grain bucket

and I left the sheep's barn door open on my way out so that they would know

I would be coming right back , because they know that's what an open door means.

They waited patiently until I got just past the barn , then Annie decided I must

not be coming and started calling me , I spoke to her and she quieted

another few seconds and she decided I wasn't coming and called to me again.

This is just as we do , when we get upset about the state of the world ,

and are waiting for the Lord's return 


I was cleaning up the yard raking

everything into a pile, and the baby sheep

wouldn’t leave me alone, she kept trampling

my pile “I can’t clean up your mess if you

don’t get out of my way.” “Exactly” the

Lord answered. By trying to do our lives ourselves

by trying to fix our own problems, by trying to

“help”, We only get in God’s way, He can’t work

when we’re working, nothing spiritual can happen

when we are in the natural trying to do it ourselves,

if it did then we would think we had done it


One day while putting some

additional work into the new

sheep pen , Dad found himself

with the task of trying to keep

an eye on Ramsey at the same

time he was working, this was not

an easy task, because he was a

sneaky little thing, he was curious

about what Dad was doing, he

wanted to know what was going

on here and how it pertained to

him... we still didnt know these

sheep very well, but we did know

that they were still very afraid of us.

I was just walking by when I saw

Dad squatted down inside the pen

with his back turned and not

watching... it only took that one

moment and Ramsey took the

opportunity... WHAM!! Dad said

later that it felt like a semi truck hit

him right in his hip. He got out of

there, and he was in some pain

after the incident. He was sore for

a few days ... one thing was for

sure... he was the first to be

rammed, but he would not be the

last. it wasnt bad enough to go to

the hospital, but it hurt.. Dad told

us later that he asked the question

of the Lord " why did you ram me

Lord?" the Lord's response was

pretty straightforward

" I want you to listen to me when I

tell you something" He knew he

should not have gone in there, and he

knew he should not have turned his

back, he thought he could watch

closely enough.


We began to notice it that even

being and extremely strong

creature, and so very noble

looking ... Ramsey had a certain

weakness where his little family

was concerned. He was

insecure , He was terrified to

lose them, to be without them

even for a minute. His ewes were

very important to him, he had to

be able to see them at all times or

he would just lose it, he would cry

this throaty panicked cry and he

would run as fast as he could back

and forth. We had to put Annie on

the stansion to check her out

because she was pregnant make

sure that everything seemed allright,

and when we took her out to do this,

Ramsey completely came unglued.

We had left the younger ewe Lil Bit

in with him, but this did not dissuade

his panic one iota... in fact, it became

clear very quickly that it wasnt safe

for her in there alone with him

while her mother was gone. We

brought her outside and tied her

near Annie, and we had no choice

on Ramsey, we just had to let him

rage against the world while we

looked Annie over and cleaned her

up, trimmed her hooves etc. Sumer

spoke to the Lord about this odd

behavior ... how strange that he

would react this way to being away

from Annie , and the Lord told her

that Ramsey has never had a

shepherd... and having not had a

shepherd, he has no protector,

no comforter , he looks to Annie for

his comfort . The comparison then

is that if a person does not look to

the Lord for comfort, you will look

somewhere else... In this world

people look to many places for

comfort and fulfillment other than

to God,and my conclusion to

this was that if you are looking

to uncertain sources for your

comfort, and your strength, you're

going to act like Ramsey when that

tangible source is taken away.


The sheep were crying because

I hadn't fed them yet and had to

get more alfalfa from the other

barn ." Don't they know

I won't leave them without resource?"

I thought and the Lord shot back

"Dont you know the same ? And yet

you doubt me... and they are only

dumb brutes." " It takes time for

them to learn the routine," I thought

"and even then, they only believe

what they see. Because they

don't have God's word to lean

on , how much better off are we

and still we doubt .


The Lord told me suddenly

when I was feeding the animals

that I had fed in the wrong order

having fed the goats first, he told me

to put the sheep grain in the bucket

before the goat grain. He said" Do

you know why I ask you to put

the sheep first?Because I do. "


Zion wouldn't stay with me in the

goat yard and the goats kept

trying to beat her up . I said to

her" I can't protect you if you don't

stay with me. "And the Lord said ,

"Isn't that just how you are ?

when you try to solve your own

problems, when you go your

own way, I can't protect you

when you are away from Me."


I was taking Little Bit and Annie

out to graze, and Lil bit started

pulling back against me refusing

to budge, because she wanted

to graze in the yard that we had

almost passed by. I lost my temper,

and Latresha came back and got

her and was going to take her to

graze for me, and I said " No, take

her back to the barn she doesn't get

to graze." And the Lord revealed that

is the way it is with us we can't just

decide where and when to "graze "

because we don't know what is

best for us. So if it's the Lord will, we

shall live , and do this or that

James 4:15 , because He knows

where it's best for us to "graze", and if

we refuse, and go our own way, we

don't get to "graze" at all, ie he can't

bless us out from under his

covering. We don't understand and

he can't explain it to us , if he told

us part of what he's going to do

and part of his plan, we'd want to

know why and wouldn't be happy

until the whole plan was unfolded

before us. The sheep like us, want

to know what is going to happen

before it does. and as I couldnt

explain it to Lil Bit, that she had

grazed there too often, and needed

to have a better graze spot, and

needed to save that one close to

the barn for bad weather, so God

cannot explain it all to us because

his thoughts are higher than our

thoughts. So we as Annie, should

trust that the shepherd knows best

and trust Him to decide where to put

"her" , unlike Lil Bit who when you

take her out , is always turning to

look at this spot or that, as to say

are we stopping there ? Why aren't

we stopping there? And Annie just

lets me lead her and seems not to

care, trusting she'll be happy

wherever I put her. God cares

about what we do, where we go ,

and how we do it all.

Sheep Stories

I was leading Ramses to the barn , and I had to let Ezra go . Thinking Ramses would

follow , I let him go because I didn't feel equal to wrestling him in , I released

him from his graze line , and he went three steps , stopped , tipped his head

to the left , backed up three steps ,and handed me his horn . Because suddenly he

was unsure of himself and wanted me to lead him . Sometimes the Lord lets us go

ahead of him , so that we will realize we don't know where we are going , and we too

have to back up a step or two , wait on the Lord , and submit ourselves to be led .

There is a great comfort in that , as Ramses knew , when you are uncertain , God is

certain , when you don't know what to do , he does .

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6


I was leading Ramses to the

barn by his horn,and as I didn't

feel equal to wrestling him in

from the pasture, I let him go.

He went three steps,stopped,

tipped his head to the left,

backed up three steps, handed

me his horn, because suddenly

he was unsure of himself,

and wanted me to lead him.

Sometimes the Lord lets us

go ahead of Him so that we

will realize we don't know

where we are going,and we too

have to back up a step or two,

wait on the Lord, and submit

ourselves to be led. There is

great comfort in that, as Ramses

knew, when you are uncertain,

God is certain, when you don't

know what to do,He does.


I was spraying out the floor of

the barn with the hose and it

was raining out, the sheep are

afraid of the water hose,and don't

want to be sprayed by it,but

also don't like to go out in the

rain,so they figured out to come

and stand behind me while I'm

spraying, that behind me is the

only safe place to be,so that

Little Bit came to be standing

so close that she was touching

me as she sought protection

behind me, from me, despite the

fact that I was the one doing the

very thing that scared them.

When the Lord is doing some-

thing to our necessity, like

cleaning up the messes in

our life, while it may make us

unsure, and even afraid as He

does what is necessary to our

holiness, we too need to stand

behind him closely while He works,

because it is the only safe place

for us to be.


Israel and the ewes had closed

themselves in the small adjoining

room,having broken open the door,

and they were calling to me to let

them out, but I was busy in the

hen house and had already realized

it was to my advantage to leave

them closed in while I cleaned up

the mess in the main barn, rather

than kicking them out in the rain

where they could truely get hurt by

getting wet and catching pneumonia.

They called me and called me, not

understanding why I didn't come

and get them out of the trouble they

had gotten into,but I understood it

would serve a greater purpose to

leave them there while I worked.

In the same way God leaves us

in uncomfortable and tight situations

while He works, not willing to put us

in real danger, but enough trouble

that he can get done cleaning up the

messes in our lives.But when I did

not come when they thought I should,

Israel,trying to fix his own problems

started ramming the gate repeatedly

little realizing his own efforts would

do no good, and that he would just

have to be patient while I worked,

just as we must do with the Lord.


I was in the barn finishing things up

before I fed the sheep, and Annie

started jumping against the gate

trying to see the alfalfa hay, and

trying to get to it. I'm in the pen

with her and I'm the only one who

can get the feed for her but Annie is

not looking at me, she's looking at

the feed. Often times we do the

same, the Lord is right there with us,

but sooner than to look to Him as

our provider of all things, we look

to the provision with longing, little

knowing it can only be given at

the Lords behest.


Israel was very upset because he

was put out to graze alone, without

any other sheep,knowing I would

be nearby the whole time . so he

was pacing the whole time on the

end of the graze line until he was

all tangled up. As soon as I came

to get him, he stopped pacing, let

me get the lead rope but wouldn't

be still so that I could untangle it.

He started tossing his head around,

so I unfastened his collar, because

the graze line was tangled around

his middle and caught in his wool,

as soon as he thought he was free,

he started to take off as if he would

go to the barn. As to say "I can do

it myself" Seeing quickly that he

wasn't quite free, he came back to

me."Can you help me?" So I

untangled him and he jerks free,

goes running off as to say "I can

do it myself." Quickly he realizes

he doesn't know where the door to

the barn is, so he takes a few steps

back to me, "Can you help me?" He

gives me his horn then to lead him

by, and I led him most of the way

back to the pen,enough so he can

remember the way, and for a final

time he jerks away from me. "I can

do it myself" He seems to refrain

again, as he heads to the pen. A

ram is a willful,stubborn, and often

irrational creature, who, like us likes

to go his own way, is prideful, doing

for himself, and does not learn easily

to trust.But all goes much more

smoothly when we learn to trust our

Shepherd,to wait on him to fix our

problems, be patient while He does,

try not to rush ahead of Him and try

to do it all ourselves, only to realize

we can't, and have to return to Him

for help anyway.

Sheep stories

The Lord told me to clean and

feed the sheep earlier in the a.m.

that this was what was best for

them.I told him that the sheep

won’t like it,they will complain later

when their normal time comes that

they would be fed.Because sheep

need routine and hate it when their

routine is altered.The Lord said

“They may not like it but what they

like and what’s best for them are two

different things. Then I asked, what

about the ram? Do I have to clean

and feed him early too? The Lord

answered “No the ewes only .”

I said what is the difference, the

ram is a sheep too.The Lord answered

“I don’t treat all my sheep exactly the

same.” “Isn’t that favoritism?” I asked

“No they just need different things.”

Sheep stories

I skipped letting the sheep as I

normally would in the morning,

letting them wait til last,because I had

7 lbs of apples for them, and wanted them

to enjoy them in the barn. In the same wise

God is never late when acting on our part.

The Lord lets us wait past what we think

is “time” because he has

something good he wants to give us.

Sheep stories

We had just learned about a “cast” sheep

When one of our sheep became cast for the first time.

which is a sheep which gets on its back

usually a dip or divot and can’t get up

again by itself, they don’t have the muscles

on their back that enable them to get up on

their own and the shepherd has to get them out of it.

Sheep like to dig a pit to sit in, I finally figured out

it was them digging the pits in the pens, and that

is how they get “cast” is by digging a hole, of their

own making and they can’t get out again

without the shepherds help.

In the same way, we dig a pit of trouble and we

get in it and we can’t get out of it again and

have to wait for the Lord to get us out.

Why art thou cast down o my soul?

and why art thou disquieted in me?

Hope thou in God

Psalm 42:5


Latresha was giving the sheep and goats

their twice annual wormer orally

when she discovered something

we did not know,sheep do not

have to open their mouths,they

can keep their mouths shut.

We as Christians are also capable

of doing the same, keeping ourselves

from saying imprudent things.

Set a watch, O Lord, before my

mouth; keep the door of my lips.

psalm 141:3

Sheep stories

The Lord kept telling me not to leave

The sheep in their milk stanchion eating

their grain, when I know they’re done

He had told me that repeatedly , and then

He told me why ; “I don’t leave you in an

uncomfortable position any longer than you

have to be there “. ie in financial ,physical ,

emotional , spiritual discomfort . If we’re there

We need to be there ,and the minute we don’t need

To be there , He gets us out .

Sheep stories

I was getting the sheep some grain from the goat barn,

The goats didn’t have their special order grain yet ,

The Lord showed me yesterday how the goats are

Being fed by the sheep , they wouldn’t have any food

If we didn’t have the sheep , as. they are eating sheep food

While we transition to special order goat grain , True of

Spiritual sheep and goats also . We were supposed to get

Goat grain in today , and I was going to put the rest of the sheep grain

In the sheep bucket , and the Lord told me to wait , so I left the

bucket there, later I was filling it for the next morning and I

Realized the sheep only have food for today , I was preparing it

Only day by day , with no hay storage in their barn either ,

So day by day ,, in fact hour by hour , they only have as much as

they need , the same as us , so God can show He is the source

Of the manna .