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  Paintings By Goats

  abstract masterpieces by caprine artists    offered by westcoast craft cabin



April 20 , 2021

Posted on April 21, 2021 at 12:35 AM

Got behind a little bit , but to those of you who know us that's not much of a surprise ! we have waded into the deep end during this part ofour baby goat season , lots of baby goats on the ground as well as some lambs , we get so busy it's hard to keep up with our website too . aA new batch of  pig paintings are in the art studio this week , and plans for some new goat paintings soon . Oh I just got a call that another goat is in labor at the barn  :)

so I had better finish up here . For the moment we are suspending the monthly giveaways , we may resume them later , but there just has not been much interest in them so far . Talk to you later folks !

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