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  Paintings By Goats

  abstract masterpieces by caprine artists    offered by westcoast craft cabin



welcome to our Homestead Blog , find updates here about what adventures we're up to now !

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january 21

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 1:25 AM
nothing much going on here , eagerly awaiting new babies coming in February , otherwise things are very slow this time of year , and goats are hating the rain , they love to be out in the sunshine !

October 3 2019

Posted on October 3, 2019 at 5:35 PM
October finds us in the rut ,which is often a little stressful with all of the romantic goat drama around here haha , first new baby goats should be born around the end of February , babies coming soon !! when you are living this type of lifestyle , homesteading , farming , whatever you like , there are a lot of things that are just the every day practical things , like milking the goats , and that provides dairy products for our household , but raising baby goats and lambs , piglets and chicks , that is the fun part , the icing on top !! so we look forward to new babies every year , the last little while a lot has happened , we added some registered Nigerian Dwarf does to the herd , which we are really excited about , we got some registered bucklings earlier in the year , so we'll be all set come baby time for offering some registered kids this next year �?� we're also getting down to it , only 6 little goats left for sale now !! other goats have found their new homes , going into fall and winter it's good to have things settled . we should be offering rare breed serama and lavender orpington chickens pretty well full time now , so that's been great , still having bears and mountain lions and coyotes around A LOT , which is always aconcern for us with the animals we raise . Also , the big news this last little while is that our goats were on the news !! that was very exciting , and a lot of fun , go watch the story at

August 25 th , 2019

Posted on August 26, 2019 at 12:45 AM
We'll be coming to end of summer soon , this is the time of year when we are getting everything buttoned up looking toward the rut for our goats and sheep to ensure next years crop of babies haha , and also starting to get a look at the group of babies who have not found their new forever homes yet that we may be wintering here ... we are still having oodles of rare breed baby chickens hatching , and new baby bunnies , so we still have cute things to snuggle .. baby goats are getting older now , soon the baby girls we are keeping , who are currently being weaned will be able to rejoin the herd. Lately we have had frequenting large black bears , as well as a mountain lion that has been screaming when we are out for late night milking of goats , it makes for a harrowing gauntlet from the house to the barn and back , not really that unusual a problem here in the wild west of Long Beach peninsula , but nonetheless stressful . As the season goes on , we are identifying and training new potential animal painters , This year's promising pupil seems to be Jane , she's a work in progress , but she's doing well so far , we are hoping to get this year's new bucklings Legend and Zorro to stay still long enough , so far not much luck , but Legend did paint one baseball cap for us , and Apache the pony is doing very well on his painting . We have recently added new fun animal videos to the website , as well as adding a new goats in the news category which can be found in the "more" drop down list , and we have begun adding instructional videos to our homesteading hints section , which we plan on expanding very soon , stay tuned folks , there will be lots of new things coming .

May 14 2019

Posted on May 15, 2019 at 1:15 AM

may finds us all done with kidding 2019 baby goats are already starting to go to new homes , now the girls rest and relax , and they paint of course ! this year's babies are starting to learn to paint now , no stand out super talented kiddos yet , but following last year's superstar Cookie arre some hard shoes to fill , Cookie is easily the best kid painter we've ever had ..we're busy building stock now for summertime buyers , and working on the website still , that's what's up in may !!

April 17, 2019

Posted on April 17, 2019 at 9:45 PM

this is our first ever Blog entry! 

we decided to add a blog so that people can keep up with us through the year 

so here goes !

April finds us just finished with lambing , 2019 Lamb count stands at 5 single lambs , 

2 ewe lambs and 3 ram lambs this year ! We are also through most of kidding season

which will be finishing out next month , goat kid count currently stands at 14 !

first 2019 baby goats are up for sale and looking for their new families, and

the new set of babies will be starting to learn how to paint soon , Apache the pony

now has his first paintings available , and we have just completed a huge website renovation!

lots of new categories have been added to our webstore including our new line of natural beauty products ,

candles, gifts for pets , craft kits , and our brand new online thrift store !

we also added a new homesteading hints page!

Lots of fun new things happening in 2019!